• BY PGS

As a buyer or seller on Pro Gun Sales many of the same rules apply that you would already follow in your day-to-day lives! Like buying a used car if it seems too good to be true then you should definitely investigate a bit more to ensure it actually is as good as it seems and the same goes for selling.

With regard to selling, all transactions must, by law, pass through a registered gun dealer or dealership. What does this mean? It means that you as a seller physically take the firearm to a dealership and hand it over the actual counter and the firearm is signed out of your name into the dealership’s care and out of your hands once and for all. From there, when it’s purchased it will be dispatched to a dealer convenient to the buyer, to take over ownership.

So, some tips for selling! Our advice is to take clear, representative photos of your item specifically showing damage and the overall general condition. What this means is that you take photos that answer questions you are most likely going to be asked. For example, if you are buying a rifle what would you want to see? A few full length photos of the rifle on either side and then a few more specific photos of the action, the bolt face, the stock, the crown and a close up of the factory markings on the barrel. The same principles apply to a rifle scope or a compound bow and so on.

Like any website that transacts in secondhand items we recommend that you as a buyer and seller do due diligence when it comes to both! If you are not confident in the item being legitimate then DO NOT transact any money to anyone! Ask questions, get other opinions about the purchase and take your time to get what you’ve paid for.

With items such as binoculars, but priced very low, at 25% of their expected cost say for instance, it might be an idea to request more photos of specific parts of the item to assist you in confirming that the seller is legitimate. Ask about where they were purchased and how much use they’ve seen. Furthermore, when an item like binoculars are for sale, and it’s possible to do so, by all means meet the person who is selling the item and inspect them first hand. Make sure you set the conditions to be safe in such a meeting and potentially meet in a very public place for the safety of all parties.

When it comes to selling a firearm be sure to receive payment in full prior to going to a dealer and sending the item to the recipient. It may be prudent, if you have any doubts, to ask the seller to forward the firearm to a dealer to do a full inspection. When the dealer receives it they can confirm the purchase agreement and sign it into their dealership for transfer. You can verify the dealership as legitimate by using the internet and call the dealership on their land line to ensure legitimacy. If you’re happy that the firearm is right for you, then pay the seller and arrange for legal and physical transfer.

Please ask questions and by all means reach out to us here at Pro Gun Sales for advice with regard to buying and selling and we will get straight back in touch with you as soon as we can to answer your questions.